How to Donate

We need your support

to help us continue our good work

Since the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity was launched four years ago, 131 good causes and charities have benefited from awards totalling in excess of £272,000. These grants were made on behalf of the Freemasons of East Kent, sometimes in the form of matched-funding with one or more Lodges or Chapters.

We do not have a bottomless purse and in order for us to continue helping those in need, the charity needs regular support from Lodges and Chapters as well as individual Brethren and Companions.

This page describes how you can support us.

Lodges and Chapters

Lodges and Chapters can help, for example, by donating the proceeds from the raffle at their Installation meeting to the charity. Alternatively, if no such raffle is held, an equivalent amount could be donated from the Benevolent account. Just send us a cheque made payable to the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity.

Relief Chests

  • Lodges or Chapters with their own Relief Chest can transfer a donation directly to the CEKFC Relief Chest No E0137. Just ask the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) for a green transfer form, complete it with the necessary details, add the signatures, and return it to the MCF. The MCF will then carry out your request.
  • Supplies of Gift Aid envelopes, pre-stamped with the Relief Chest No E0137, can be provided – just give us a call to request a batch. Alms collected in this way will be paid directly into the CEKFC Relief Chest and the charity will benefit from the tax repayment of 25p for each £1 donated.


Individual Lodge or Chapter members can make one-off and/or regular donations to the charity. These can be made with or without Gift Aid (though the charity obviously benefits from the tax repayment where possible). One-off payments can be made by cheque, credit/debit card or by text. Regular payments can be set up by post or by phone. Just follow the guidance notes below.

The ability to pay online via the Relief Chest website is under development and will be available soon.

To mark Freemasonry’s Tercentenary, individuals are encouraged to sign a direct debit of £3 (or 300 pence) per month. This is an excellent way to support the charity and will raise £45 per year with Gift Aid.

Single Donations

Regular Donations