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Guidance notes for applicants.

These notes are meant for general guidance only to applicants and their advocates, and the Trustees retain the right to make an award, or not, at their absolute discretion. Click to download a copy of these Guidance Notes.

Applicants and their advocates are asked to bear in mind that this is a small charity, and consequently the Trustees have to target their funds very carefully.

The charity is aimed at supporting people living in Kent, so applications will only be considered from or on behalf of those who have lived in the County for a reasonable period. Where the application is on behalf of a child, the residential qualification may be related to the parent or guardian.

For individual applicants, the County of Kent includes the Administrative County of Kent, together with Beckenham, Bexley, Bromley, Erith, Chislehurst, Sidcup, Crayford, Orpington, Penge and Medway.

Residence in the County solely by stay in an institution, school, residential home, hospital, prison or similar premises, or for military posting does not qualify applicants for the purposes of the charity.

The Trustees have established policies on a number of matters, and will not generally provide assistance for:

  • Relief of debt. Where this relates to public bodies or utilities, the Trustees believe it is for those bodies to provide relief. In the case of commercial lenders, the Trustees do not feel that a charity should be helping such an organisation to absolve itself from its commercial decisions.
  • Funeral and memorial expenses.
  • Payment for major works, for example a new bathroom for a disabled person. The charity has limited resources, and Trustees wish to restrict grants to smaller amounts that provide quick relief to applicants who are in immediate need, and who cannot reasonably expect help from other sources.
  • Relief of need where it would be reasonable for the applicant or a family member to pay to meet the need. In the case of owner occupiers, or former owners who have disposed of their home, it is expected that the equity should be used to meet the applicant’s needs.

Generally speaking, the Trustees will make only one grant to an applicant; subsequent applications in support of a previous beneficiary will rarely be considered.

Generally, the charity will not pay the applicant direct, instead either making payments to agents or advocates where they are official bodies or, where possible, to the supplier of the goods or services being purchased by the grant.

If an award is made with conditions, such as it being conditional on the balance of funds being raised to pay to relieve the need, then the charity will hold the funds available for a period of six months, after which the applicant may need to re-apply.


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