East Kent Multiple Sclerosis Group

Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons Charity & Masonic Charitable Foundation donate to the East Kent Multiple Sclerosis Group.

The CEKFC were recently contacted by the East Kent MS Group who were seeking assistance in support of an initiative they started in 2019 which provides physiotherapy-led exercise classes, specifically designed for local people with MS.  These had proved a great success and were quickly followed in 2020 by the introduction of weekly massage treatments and one to one sessions using video technology enabling those with very limited mobility to benefit as well.

Subsequent evaluations have shown that all members experienced improved feelings of wellbeing and were now confident in overcoming physical activity barriers and challenges with the support of the weekly classes. This has increased the confidence of members helping them find ways to be more physically active away from the classes.  They also developed new friendships and felt a sense of personal accomplishment by attending the classes.

A picture of Peter West presenting the cheque to Dot Fisk the Group Coordinator.
an online class taking place

MS is a very lonely condition for both the sufferer and their carer. The East Kent MS Group relies on locally generated funding raised through charity initiatives at social events, participation in sponsored events, and general fund raising in public spaces. The current financial climate has proved challenging; particularly to the income raised at social events, placing the therapies on offer at risk. The benefits sufferers derive from these therapies cannot be overstated;  it is vital for the Group to secure sufficient funding for them to continue. Sufferers who have taken part in the therapy say:

Honestly, this is the only class I’ve managed to stay at. Vicky has been brilliant at varying the class despite all our varied limitation. It is fantastic.’

‘I feel that our classes are very well planned and thought out. We have fun whilst exercising and generally have a great time. Thank you!’ 

‘This is the first exercise class I’ve felt confident to attend and then actually enjoy.’

The CEKFC trustees were pleased to support the application by authorising a grant of £2500. Our Provincial Grand Charity Steward WBro Peter Rhodes then engaged with the Masonic Charity Foundation who were pleased to match fund the contribution made by the CEKFC; the East Kent MS Group received a grant of £5000 in total.

Judy Lee the Groups secretary says: “We are so grateful to the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons for their generous award which will help us enormously in continuing these vital therapies”.

The CEKFC Secretary WBro Peter West was pleased to attend the Groups most recent committee meeting to hear more about what they do and present a cheque to Dot Fisk the Group Coordinator. See main photo above.