More Help for the Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre

Paddock Wood Lodge No 4291 and the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity (CEKFC) join forces to support those affected by cancer.

At the CEKFC presentations event held in November 2016, a grant was made to the Pickering Cancer Trust Drop-in Centre.

The Trust operates throughout Kent and Sussex, and exists to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer – those with cancer and their families, carers and communities.  It is a source of support, helping anyone affected by cancer to navigate through the system to get what they need, and acts as a force for change, working to improve cancer care. For more details please visit:

The grant will be used to fund a much-needed gazebo, which will help them raise further funds through attending numerous events.

The grant was made under the CEKFC’s Matched Funding Scheme, and again demonstrates the effectiveness of Lodges and Chapters working together with the Cornwallis, to maximise the benefit for needy people. Details of the scheme can be found by clicking the button below.

The video shows how much our support means to the Trust, making a difference where it really counts.

The good news did not stop there, as, after they had seen details of the presentation, the Masonic Provinces of West Kent and Sussex made further donations of £5,000 to the Pickering Cancer Trust. Truly a great outcome!