How We Can Help

We can help individuals who find themselves in need and community groups that seek to help disadvantaged people in East Kent. We can also help in the event of a disaster.

We also work with East Kent Freemasons, their lodges and chapters by encouraging them to collaborate in their charitable efforts, thereby increasing the help that can be given.

Help for Individuals

Freemasonry is very much about benevolence and concern for people. One of the aims of this charity is the “relief of necessity” for individual people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need and have nowhere else to turn.

Sometimes, that assistance is requested by a service provider or other organisation or helper, on behalf of the individual.

Grants will usually be to provide goods or services to meet the immediate essential needs of an individual, where no other avenue is available, such as government or local authority support.

Help for Community Groups

We are committed to supporting communities and groups within them by making grants towards projects that will directly benefit disadvantaged people in East Kent.

Specific areas where we will consider funding are projects that address the needs of:

  • Vulnerable People – improving the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities by
    • Helping to alleviate the impact of disability
    • Providing care for the seriously ill and older people
    • Supporting carers
    • Relieving poverty and distress
  • Youth Opportunities – helping children and young people reach their full potential through
    • Supporting youth groups and organisations
    • Developing life and work-related skills
    • Focusing on disadvantaged young people
    • Helping the under 25s

How Lodges, Chapters and Members can help

As Freemasons, we are very conscious of our duties in relation to benevolence, charity, and care for our fellow men and women. Our Festival system for supporting the central Masonic charities is enormously successful in providing the funds for those charities to do their work across the wider community and internationally. At the conclusion of our most recent Festival, here in the Masonic Province of East Kent, we had donated a staggering £3.65 million over a five-year period!

Yet, even during that period, our Lodges and Chapters continued to support local good causes in their communities. Over the years, East Kent Freemasons have been very proud to have helped groups, causes and individuals in our local communities, with each Lodge donating as much as it can to support those people, groups and causes closest to their hearts and homes. Something approaching a quarter of a million pounds a year is provided in this way, through hundreds of small donations from individual Lodges.

Imagine if that support could be even greater!

One way would be to provide much larger amounts to a favoured group or cause than an individual Lodge or Chapter could possibly afford, by utilising a collective fund for just such a purpose.

Matched funding is another way to help an individual Lodge or Chapter to increase its support of its favourite good causes

The charity can also provide instant funds for your Lodge, Chapter or group of Lodges at a Masonic Centre, to enable you to offer quick and significant support to a local group in need of rapid help.

Decision making when an application is made is quick and straightforward, with a very light-touch to the necessary formalities and bureaucracy.

The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity is your charity. It wants to support what you want to support, and by getting behind it you can help your local community far more than as an individual Lodge or Chapter. You can contribute to your charity as an individual member or collectively as a Lodge or Chapter, either with one-off donations or with regular payments.

Please help us, to help you, to help your community.

Use the contact us link to get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can support your charity.